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Tasting Mekoos pleasures rhymes with respect for the environment!

The Dumoulin family is committed to the health of fauna and flora, so you will be one with all these natural splendours thanks to constant objectives of sustainable development and ecotourism. Immerse yourself in nature, of course, but without leaving a trace!

Authenticity and hospitality

With us, smiles, curiosity and generosity are spontaneous! At the Dumoulins, we like to open our doors and welcome you as if you were family. It is with sincere pleasure that we will share with you our little corner of paradise!

High quality snowmobiles

Our snowmobiles are the latest from Bombardier!

High-performance cars of the year, they are still inspected regularly for maximum safety. No hassle, we have our own fleet and have a constant eye on it.

With your snowmobile adapted to our adventure program, you will quickly succumb to the charms of our snowy trails and our natural wonders!

Des motoneiges de qualité au Raid motoneige Canada Mekoos

Equipment and luggage

Provided with any snowmobile and multi-activity stay, CHOKO DESIGN brand equipment for extreme cold are renowned for their exceptional properties to keep you comfortably warm for hours. Made of top quality materials and made with state-of-the-art technology, they provide an infallible barrier of protection against cold and wind while ensuring a perfect balance between comfort and utility. For you, always equipment adapted to our winters and well maintained as for a first time.

The Cold suit includes reinforced overalls at the knees, a jacket with polyester and fleece lining, boots designed for extreme temperatures and a helmet with visor (helmet with heated visor available with a slight supplement and included for some itinerant snowmobile raids), as well as comfortable gloves or mittens insulated against the winter cold. A little extra for your well-being, the handles of our snowmobiles are heated and give off a warmth that envelops the hands!

A Mekoos hood is graciously offered to each of our participants!


What clothes should I bring?

In winter, from mid-December to mid-March, temperatures generally vary between -15 °C and -20 °C. However, sometimes in our northern corner the mercury drops considerably. Outdoor activities therefore require special clothing: snow pants, a warm coat, boots, toque, mittens and neck warmer are required for hassle-free fun. Pack warm and comfortable clothes in your suitcase.

When it comes to clothing suitable for your snowmobile raid, we provide everything from boots to mittens. The Great Cold equipment becomes yours for the duration of your snowmobile expedition. Note that during raids where we sleep in hostels or snowmobile relays other than the Mekoos, waterproof bags are provided to ensure that your personal effects and clothes stay dry.

Respect for the environment, a fundamental value for Raid Motoneige Canada Mekoos

Without intermediaries, pay a fair price

Your stay is 100% Mekoos, there is no intermediary between you and us, and this guarantees a personalized service by a team that knows its product well!

Plus, what you see is what you pay. Everything is included in the price shown, from your arrival at the airport until you return home. Also, there is no additional cost for an intermediary, which ensures excellent value for money.

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